Winkel van Papier
As a little girl I always collected stickers, notebooks and everything that had to do with paper. Very strange is itn't that I wanted to open a shop to just go the most attractive paper sales. "I want to make others as happy and excited as I when they come into contact with paper. In addition, more and more these days everything is digital and it is such a waste of all that beauty. It's just so nice to get a card or letter on your floor. Or write your thoughts in a small notebook." For this, I went looking for fun, expressive brands  each with its own character. On making this way I hope to know you as excited as I am for this beautiful stuff!

Behind the scenes
My name is Daniëlle and I am 28 years young ^^. I work also in health care, in addition, I headed a youth club and since April 2012 there having an online store come in! I could tell a lot about myself, but the most important thing is that I love paper and everything related to it. <3

Double meaning
At Winkel van Papier you buy things that have to do with paper. Additionally, you could literally see the name: a merchant finally exists only on paper.

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